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The Rolex submariner the best Rolex?

by Renko Stoof on

Is the Rolex Submariner the best Rolex?

16610 submariner the best rolex

"Made to last a lifetime"

The Rolex Submariner. It was, and is, a powerful watch, designed and build to last its owner a lifetime. The Submariner was first presented in 1954, yet its set of experiences truly started in 1926, when Rolex presented the Oyster, the primary watch with an airtight fixed case. In 1931, Rolex protected the world's first self-winding instrument with a Perpetual rotor, in this manner expounding the name to Oyster Perpetual. By the 1950s, Rolex was making watches with pivoting bezels for divers, and constantly improving water resistence. At the point when the Oyster Perpetual Submariner was presented in 1954, it was the first watch that could be taken down to 100 meters. 

Rolex kept on working with divers, and was instrumental in building up the helium valve. In a joint effort with the French dive organization Comex (Compagnie Maritime d'Expertises) during the 1960s, Rolex tried a Sea-Dweller Submariner outfitted with a helium valve and a case that could withstand the tension on deep dives. Monetarily, Rolex appeared the Sea-Dweller Submariner in 1967, with 610-meter water resistence.

The standard Submariner was never given a helium valve, yet it was persistently improved, and by 1959 it was water-resistent to 200 meters. During the 1960s, a "cyclops" amplified date window was added to models with a date. Many people actually lean toward the no-date Sub, valuing its clean design.

The 1962 Submariner models were the first to be fitted with crown guards. Their archetypes highlighted little guards, which Rolex esteemed excessively sensitive for a powerful device watch. The luminated markers, reversed triangle at 12 o'clock on the dial and bezel were totally hardened during the 1960s as signature components of the Sub. The design of the watch pretty much stayed the same for the rest of the years.

The last time the Submariner was refreshed was in 2012, when it was given an ceremic bezel and an Oysterlock wristband.

Towards the finish of the 1970s, Rolex began refreshing its watches with sapphire glass, incorporating the Submariner with date, and that expanded its diving capacity rating to 200 meters. Today the Submariner can withstand water strain to 300 meters. The last time the Submariner was refreshed was in 2012, when it was given a ceramic bezel and an Oysterlock wristband with Glidelock framework (flexible in 2mm additions to fit over a wetsuit). The strength of its developments is incredible - the programmed 3130 (presented in 2001) for the non-date model and the 3135 for the date model (presented in 1988, however improved from that point forward, including the expansion of a Parachrom hairspring). Both are COSC-guaranteed.

All great information and it's clear the submariner has a great history and well loved design. It's kind of comparable to the porsche carrera, it's been upgraded over the last 50 years and modernized but it always keeps it's authentic design and durability. 

There are many good rolex watches made. And it's ofcourse completely personal but the value of the submariner is steady. It does what it's supposed to do. Can be worn: diving, business suit, sweater and actually in any combination. So it's definitly a very versatile watch with a great track record.  We wouldnt go so far as saying it's the best Rolex but it's definitie in the top 3. If it's on number 1, 2 or 3, we will leave that up to you! 

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