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311. Dark Side of the Moon Omega

by Renko Stoof on

Omega speedmaster dark side of the moon

We want to express our love for this amazing timepiece in a little blog. We love all kinds of brands and some watches just stand out when they arrive. This Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon is such a piece. When the box arrives you already get the feeling that this is a special watch. The beautiful black piano lackered box feels special and a lot of other brands can learn something from the packaging that Omega does. 

Also the accesoires are in such a high standard, with great stitching, real leather and lovely small details. You cannot do anything else then love the whole process of unpacking this watch. 

Then the speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon itself. What is there not to love? We dont know. It's a big size watch although it wears smaller due to the black and thin bracelet. The glow it radiates in different types of light is just amazing. The polished and brushed ceramic is just amazing. You can see this is a special watch from far away. 

We think Omega outdid itself on this piece. It's high value for money and we think this is a collectors item in the near future. The build quality, quality of the movement, quality of the finish, quality of the accesoires and packaging is just not from this planet, it might be from the Dark Side of the Moon! 

Here some more info: 


The Apollo 8 space explorers were the primary individuals to see the dark side of the moon with their own eyes. The dark artistic Co-Axial Speedmaster salutes their spearheading soul and gives proper respect to the Speedmaster Professional chronographs worn by each Apollo space traveler.

Propelled BY A LEGACY

This watch is the result of weighty advancements: it is created from a solitary square of dark zirconium oxide ceramic. The OMEGA Speedmaster "Dark Side of the Moon" rethinks the notable plan of the Moonwatch and its name inspires the obscurity and appeal of all.


The dark zirconium oxide ceramic dial is supplemented by a coordinating polished 44.25 mm case with a brushed and polished casebody. The two chronograph control pushers looking into it work absolutely autonomously - appropriately, there is no danger to the chronograph component because of unintentional control.


Rhapsodized, romanticized and examined, the Moon has consistently charmed us. It was the undertakings and the achievements of the Apollo 8 space explorers that propelled the all-dark, earthenware Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon, yet it is the persona of the Earth's nightlight that has prodded the formation of four new OMEGA watches that are currently important for the assortment.


Complete with an inventive section wheel system and Si14 silicon balance spring, the OMEGA Co-Axial gauge 9300 is the first of Omega's selective in-house developments to join a chronograph work. The 12-hour and hour long counter hands are set on a similar sub-dial at 3 o'clock taking into account a natural perusing of the recorded time.

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