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Our trained watchmaker will provide a thorough inspection of the watch movement to find out if there are damaged or worn parts that needs to be replaced.Should the movement be a vintage piece where new or replacement parts are not available, we shall look into refurbishing the old part or re-machine a new part from scratch. All service include:

  • fully taking the watch apart
  • cleaning every part to mint condition
  • refurbish or replace broken parts
  • oiling and re-assemble
  • regulating

Good to go for lot's of years!


Quartz / Mechanical 3-hand  Starting at 275,- Euro
GMT / with moon phase calendar  Starting at 375,- Euro
Chronograph  Starting at 645,- Euro
With Complication  Starting at 750,- Euro
restore movement

But please contact us first at info@eon-watches.com so we can provide you with a good quote.

movement after
movement after
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