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3 Tips on How To Maintain Your Vintage Watch

by Renko Stoof on

Are You Forgetting To Clean Your Watch? 

You just invested in a luxury good, and of course you want to keep it in a good state. 
A luxury watch is a solid statement to finish off your look. That shiny glamorous piece can be the first item people will notice when you enter the room, but it needs to be in the correct condition to stay on point. 
Many watch owners forget that the watch also needs to get cleaned, and  maintained to look its best. In this blog, I have written down the most important steps on how to clean and make your watch look like a new one.


In order to prevent damage or scratches to your beautiful piece, there are some important things to keep in mind on a daily basis. 
When taking your watch off, make sure to not have it laying around on your night counter but store it in a watch box, you will receive one from EON watches when purchasing a watch from us. Make sure to keep the watch box in a cool, dry place and wash your hands before placing it in the box. 
Also, when sporting, take the watch off your wrist. You can wear a sport watch if you prefer wearing a watch during activities, this can scratch your watch. 


A luxury watch also requires maintenance every 3-5 years. You can take your watch to a professional that offers deep cleaning services or maintenance checks
What you can also do is dust the watch with a dry cloth every few days and give the crown a tender twist to make sure it's sealed on correctly. 


Now for the cleaning! At EON watches we sell the ChronoPen, which is a pen made especially to clean your watch and to make the process easier for you. The Swiss Made watch cleaning pen includes 30ml of cleaning solution and a fine brush head comes with the kit as well. The pen allows you to clean your timepiece easily and gives your watch a shiny coating result. 
To make the cleaning smoother, it is recommended to remove the straps before cleaning the watch. Metal straps can be cleaned the same way as the watch, with the ChronoPen. And with a leather strap, you can strike over it with a damp cloth. 

Naturally, you are wearing the watch often so it is normal to receive perhaps some scratches. But with these tips, you can do what you can to prevent that as much as possible, and give the right care that the watch deserves to get.

Good luck!
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